Elder Talon Walz

Elder Talon Walz

Monday, August 29, 2016

A week in Talagante!

It was hard for me to know what to share from this weeks letter. Elder Walz had limited time and some mild frustration as he tried to upload some pictures, which included photos of letters he'd hand written, to a computer with all Spanish instructions. I think he pretty much lost all of his pictures and I could tell he was frustrated. He is officially living in Talagante and experiencing a "Chilean" Spanish immersion! I'm told that "Chilean" Spanish is way different than textbook Spanish. I was also counseled that his first weeks and months can be extremely challenging as he attempts to transition from English studying to full time, 24 hours a day, SPANISH!! My heart ached for him as he expressed the need for a good blanket and some snacks, a better jacket and some English study material. He is truly at a point where he will learn to rely on the spirit for more than just inspiration to teach the gospel. He will be praying for temporal help as well as spiritual. He will feel and experience what some of the struggling people of the area feel which I'm sure will help him learn to appreciate and love them in an entirely different way. Letters of love and encouragement will be appreciated!!

Elder Walz wasn't able to write much of a letter about the mission, but I want to include this in the blog for the sake of memories, observation of transition, and something to laugh about in a few years. I usually clean up the typos which are caused by the Spanish spell check, but I want Talon to be able to look back on this day as it was, haha!:)

10:13am Talagante!

Okay so the things ineed are
my blue columbia jacket from dad
a blanket :) Mine are trash here.
Oil canester
Ensign or liahona in english
Any snacks
Missioany reference book
Fine point pens from Pigma Micron 03  .35 m ina lot of black and then a few colors. I hear they are on amazon
Arizona temple postcards of the onesin az in deseret book if they are cheap :)
I also wanted you to call pvcc and ask if they need you to pick up my diploma cuz i never did haah
Oh and put ctholic jesus sttickrs on the package to make it get here sooner :)

Okay so sorry im writing so bad. Ihav like no time now. Onehour to writemy pres, you, dad, and tanner. I did write a letter for you and took pics so im going to try and send those pictures.! Im glad the pres got the letters to you :) He was pretty cool.

Well i just some how deleted allmy photos onthe memory card! :( Im kind of upset haha I had a lot of things. But anyways i will send the picture next week of the letter i guess. I am almost out of time :( I had a really bad first week but hopefullyitwillget better. I couldnt understand anyone i was teaching I just would bear mytestimony here and there. And then i just delteted my photos because i couldnt read what was going on.

Anywys i am trying to keep my head up. Love you mom. Your the best! Have a great week! I hopeyou understandthe list but if not i can clarify when i have moe time next week.

Love Elder Walz

10:19am Just Breath:)

Everything will be fine Talon. You will get this. Sorry about the pictures, stupid computer!;) I'll get your things sent!

10:20am re: Just Breath:)

Haha thank you so much! I just said a paryer and looked up and saw this! :) So you understood everything for the
most part. I have a second longer because they are trying to makemymemory card work againso i can take photos
of my emails haha Butthanks I really do just need to breath! haha

Love you mom :)

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