Elder Talon Walz

Elder Talon Walz

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pokemon GO

Well, I can't believe its my last P day here! This week one of the talks we watched was Elder Holland on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. It is a powerful one! I loved it!

So this week I got to go on splits for 4 hours! It was so great. I worked with Elder Lima and he is from Brazil. He spoke pretty good English though so he was able to teach me a lot. We took the metro to the East Mission and started walking through his area. We tried knocking on some investigator doors but no one was home so he said, "lets sit down and say a prayer and ask the holy ghost to help us out" because we couldn't find anyone to teach. He asked me to say it and in Spanish of course. Then not even 5 minutes later we contacted someone at a street light and they were interested and he set up an appointment! We then closed it with a prayer. She asked us to pray for some of her emotional problems and then Elder Lima said absolutely! And told me to say it! I was like uh oh! But the prayer actually turned out pretty good. But then it gets better. About 15 minutes later, we found a 16 year old kid at a park playing Pokemon Go! My companion told me to contact him. So I went over and asked him how he was doing and stuff and then told him my family played Pokemon go before I left to come here for my mission. He thought that was cool and then my companion took over. After about 2-3 minutes, I was lost but then the kid started getting teary eyed. My companion pulled out a Book of Mormon and gave it to him. In the paper copies of the Book of Mormon, they have pictures in the front. Elder Lima explained the Book in a cool way. He opened it to the first picture which was of Christ and explained that the book was another testament of Jesus Christ. And then the next picture was of Lehi leaving Jerusalem and then a picture of them on the boat coming to the Americas. Then he just said the rest is about the trials of the people here trying to live the gospel and that there were prophets that kept records. Then he hands the book to him and gives me the eyes! I was super nervous again but I just bore my testimony on the reason I was here and that it was because of that book. The teachings in the Book of Mormon have made me the person I am and it has brought me much happiness. And then I told him if he lives by the teachings in there the same will come to him. It was such a cool experience. The rest of the contacts were pretty quick but they almost all made appointment times! It was such a testimony builder! It was hard to understand investigators. Well I pretty much didn't understand hardly any actually, haha! But my companion was awesome and helped me out. Then when we got back we got Papa Johns for dinner! It was great! Other than that, everything was pretty much the same. We had a total Spanish day yesterday again and they are always a little quieter because we don't know what to say haha. This was the last week of going to the temple every Wednesday. It has been great starting off the days with such a great feeling that you get while in the temple!

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