Elder Talon Walz

Elder Talon Walz

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Half way through the MTC!

Hey everyone!

A cool spiritual story from this week was about the brother of Jared. We got a new teacher for the second half of the MTC and he is great so far. We read Ether 3:1-6 over like 20 minutes. Its about when the brother of Jared went to carve the 16 rocks out of the mountain and then take them up to the top of the hill. That is all I would think about the story before but he had us slow down and think about it. He  probably didn't have any climbing gear, nor tools to carve out the rock. So he probably fell a few times and hurt his hands many times and was probably frustrated but he still eventually climbed all the way up the mountain. When he got up there, he still was so humble that he asked for forgiveness for his weaknesses or something like that before he asked the Lord for help making the rocks glow. I don't have my scriptures with me, otherwise i would summarize it better but read those 6 verses again with the mentality of putting yourself in the situation of climbing a mountain by yourself and having the pressure of your people needing you to do that for them! It was pretty cool :) 

Also there is a talk by James Hamula about having a sober mind. If you haven't heard it, look it up! haha It talks a lot about the fact that we were chosen to be here at this time and then also that we were able to defeat Satan and temptation in the world before this. So we still have all the same personalities we just need to find them again. This was really cool to me because i finally got my patriarchal blessing printed off this week and it says at one point that I was valiant and a leader to people in the spirit world. Its super cool that I read that the day before I heard that talk! 

On Friday we go on splits with the missionaries in Este! haha Its going to be crazy. We are going out for 3 hours and I still don't feel great about my Spanish. It is certainly coming along but not all the way. So I am half scared but also excited. My Spanish is typically better in lessons so that is nice and also a testimony of the gift of tongues from the spirit. 

We also got to hear from Elder Zaballos which is one of the 70! He was super cool but i forgot my notes on the talk. :( 

This last Sunday our district sang He Sent His Son in Sacrament Meeting. That was scary but everyone said we did good!

SO its crazy that I am half way through the MTC!! I feel like i just got here. haha 

Well I dont have a whole lot for you this week. Nothing too crazy happened except the 3 weekers all left for their missions and we got a whole bunch of new Elders today. I also have no pics because we wrote before we left to go out to the city. :( Usually i can take pics while I am out and then send them when I get back. So sorry about that. 

I love you so much Mom! 

Love Elder Walz

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