Elder Talon Walz

Elder Talon Walz

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Finally some REAL FOOD!

Hey Hey! 

Well the new missionaries arrived! They call us veterans except we barely know anything! 

Okay so a few cool things about this week! 

The cafeteria is getting redone so we have been eating in the gym of the church on the grounds and GOOD NEWS, the food has been so much better!! We have had lasagna, chicken salads with ranch, meatballs and potatoes, and pizza! Yesterday for lunch we got Papa Johns! It was great! 

We also had a clean room challenge this week and we won that. So the president's wife made us chocolate chip cookies! That was the night of the pizza so yesterday was just great! 

We ended up not going proselyting last week, so we have that tomorrow! We did get to go contacting and my companion and I gave out our first Book of Mormon haha! It was to a 17 year old kid. He let us practice our Spanish with him and then after a while we got into church stuff and he was interested so we gave him a book! It was super cool. But yeah tomorrow I will be going on splits with a missionary from the east mission for 4 hours! Pretty scary but now i can at least understand Spanish. My Spanish is still slow though, especially past and future tense. Yesterday we did a solo Spanish day so that was difficult but super beneficial! 

I've been reading in Alma this whole week and I'm to chapter 40! Its been pretty awesome! He is like the best missionary ever haha! He gives up being the top guy almost to go around preaching the gospel. He doesn't care how many people shut him down, he keeps teaching and just loving all the people! It is really cool to read. My favorite scripture and the one I memorized in Spanish this week is Ether 12:27. It's crazy, I'll be out in the mission field in 2 weeks!

This is for Turner and Tyson! Pokemon Go just released here this week and everyone is going nuts. Even our teachers when they walk out of class haha! Then everyone when we went contacting at a park were just roaming with friends playing it. 

Okay here are some pics:

My roommates finally got me to put up the flag last week. 
Me being silly in front of the flag 
We decided we had to take a pic in front of my flag!

I found some clay tennis courts!:)

 Here in Chile they have a grand mac! I only got the super mac!

We got mcdonalds last week! So good!

A fake bose mini sound link for only $30. It sounds pretty good!

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