Elder Talon Walz

Elder Talon Walz

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Well, things are going really well! I am at the point where I think of a lot of Spanish words over English words. It is super cool! Today surprisingly was a regular p-day, even though it is a religious holiday here. A lot of things were closed..even the place we usually go to write emails! But we found another place, haha! Halloween is pretty low key here. There are a few people here and there who have decorations but no mucho.

The picture you got was from a member visiting from the US. He came out of nowhere in his car and said ¨Bet you haven’t seen a gringo here in a while! ¨ I was super confused at first but then he explained that many years ago he served a mission here and was looking for a member’s house! So we showed him where she lived and then he offered to take a pic for you! That was super cool. I’m glad that finally came!

The baptism picture is of a guy that we found one day and spoke with! He ended up living in the sector of our roommates so they ended up teaching him and we were able to attend his baptism. He is super cool. The day of the baptism, Elder Campbell calls me and says “hey we had someone assigned to give a talk during the baptism tonight but they fell through...can you give one on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost?” I was like oh shoot! Uhhhhh sure! So during the day I slowly wrote some notes here and there (in English!) and then when I gave the talk, I just went off of bullet points that were in English. It was so cool! I was able to translate all I wanted to say into Spanish and people said I did well! It was like 6 or 7 mins! So scary but rewarding afterwards!

One of the videos we like to share with people on our first contacts is called Gracias a el, or Thanks to Him. (Jesus Christ) I figured you might like to watch it and see what we share with people :) Its in Spanish of course here but i imagine its in English too! Its like 3 mins or so but it is pretty awesome! :)

It’s really eye opening to see other people’s houses outside the US. They are so bad but the people are happy to have it! It’s the same thing with cars, most of the members don’t have autos. We have one of the nicest houses of all the missionaries in the mission, or top 5! That said, it’s not anything compared to our houses back home haha! It does have a microwave and outlets and a fridge. The outlets are different. They have three holes vertically. So maybe an adapter for that would be nice. I have one for my camera battery charger but that is it. 

Well, I have written in my journal every day! Today is actually day 111, haha! I know that because of my journal :) So I will definitely send more stories home when I get my camera fixed! So you asked how I’m doing physically with all this walking/running all day long!:) This week I got a fat blister. It hurt really bad for about 2 days but thanks to the blister Band-Aids you put in my bag it’s almost all better now! So thank you for that! :) My back was hurting earlier this week but now that is getting better too :) Mission life is rough physically and spiritually but it is also so great in BOTH ways! :) I am understanding most of what I read in my Libro de Mormon and doing so much better! I have 2 weeks left of training! How nuts is that?! I’m getting excited for the change though! I will most likely stay in my sector and my trainer will leave, but we will see. Also I sent a
letter like 2 or 3 weeks ago so it should arrive in the next few weeks :) 

Well I hope everyone is doing well! Tell everyone hi!!

Love Elder Walz

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